Truth about Improvisation

Looking to improve your improvisation skills?

Its important to be able to improvise at a moments notice whether it is during a conversation or whether you are at work or whether you are just talking to a bill collector. The skill of improvisation is an invaluable one to have when you consider the benefits of being able to do this well. Improve can land you jobs that you may not be qualified for or make you not get a job that you may be qualified for. I believe improvisation is a skill that should be taught in every school. It's a shame that as children we are not cultivated in the art of improvisation.

Improvisation without lying

When many people learn to improve they exaggerate the truth too much, so much so that it is no long truth but instead lie altogether. For example if I accuse you of taking my candy bar and you say that I did not take the candy bar but I just picked it up and ate it. You are in fact using the skill of improvisation but in fact you are improvising so well that in fact you have moved so far away from the truth that you are in fact lying to me. The truth is that you did not only take my candy bar but you also ate it. By omitting the first portion of the sentence and skipping to the conclusion of the sentence your improvisation turned into lying.

Improvisation by action

Another time when Improvising is important is when doing something. In life there are so many things that we need to complete on a daily basis. We have to wash dishes, brush our teeth, clean clothes, make dinner, and organize our room all in the same day. Many time our lives can seem overwhelming by the number of tasks that we need to complete. When we have so many things to do it is very easy to become overwhelmed by the tasks as well get distracted by minor opposition to completing the tasks.

For Example: If we need to wash dishes in order to make dinner, and while washing dishes a dish breaks. At that point your mind is met with an impass, "Do I keep washing dishes in order to finish the job or should I rather IMPROVISE to clean up the mess that I made." In this moment we begin to weigh pros vs cons. A pro would be that if I finish washing the dishes at the end the dishes will be finished and I can begin on dinner. The con for the scenario is if I leave the broken dish on the floor then I could step on it and cut myself or trip on it later. Then it is necessary to compare time value of opportunities as far as cleaning up the mess and how it could affect the rest of your schedule. The conclusion is that you decide to improvise and clean up the mess in of leaving it on the floor.

Improvisation at the workplace

Improvisation is very important at the workplace as it is necessary to be able to organize pros and cons in a way that makes sense to all parties involved. Some of the most important jobs where improvisation needs to take place are contractors. Whether a roofing contractor, concrete contractor, water damage contractor, or any type of contractor it is important to improvise to be successful at your business.

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